product photography

Product photos are taken for the explicit purpose of marketing/instructional; be it for print or digital distribution through websites or social media marketing.

Products for e-commerce use are higher in demand than ever. As good as cell phones have become, they are limited when compared to the professional camera. The ability to present the product in a manner to market it is a skill in itself. Presenting a bad image will deter the purchase of the product. In this case, no image is better than a bad one. Glass, reflections, scratches, material details, layout etc. all play a factor in the end photo.

Product photography can be done in studio or at a specific location depending on what the product is. Product photography is quite diverse. Basically, anything manufactured (organic or fabricated) requires an image for marketing or instructional purposes. Some examples are:

  • jewellery (with or without model)
  • glass items
  • composite and pvc lumber
  • factory equipment
  • food
  • fashion (with or without model)
  • detail photography of small hardware like screws/washers etc.
  • car (on location, Toronto auto show)