portrait photography

Individual, Group/Family Portraits

Unlike headshots, portraits can encompass movement as with a dancer, bringing into play the entire body, not just head and shoulders. A good portrait captures personality, not just a likeness. Various lighting styles and environments help bring out the best "you".

Publicity shots for individuals in the field of arts and fashion will make use of portrait photography; example, actors, directors/producers, dancers, singers authors and models as part of their CV.

For studio portraiture, we have a multitude of backdrops to choose from. Solid colours; blue, black, grey, white, orange, brown and more. Textured backdrops are available in teal, gray, burgundy and more. Studio photography is by appointment only.

If your preference is outside at a park/home or at a company we will travel to your location. Contact us for details.

Portrait Pricing Information
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portrait-best friends portrait-model portrait-of a dancer portrait-little boy
portrait-dancer portrait of a dancer portrait-actress portrait-dancer
portrait-little girl portrait-performer portrait-family portrait of a dancer
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