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My name is Helena and I have been a photographer for a very long time.

My father, a hobbyist photographer, introduced me to my first camera. It was not love at first sight. It wasn't until my college days while taking photography classes that I discovered what my father so loved about photography.

Headshots, portrait, product and event photography are all part of my repertoire but my favourite is nature. To freeze a moment in time; the crashing of a wave, the whoosh of a bird's wings, the intensity of a flower at its various stages of bloom. A moment in time that you can place on a wall, allowing that moment to be revisited over and over again; to close your eyes and drift away escaping into a world of calm.

My passion with nature photography is the passion that I apply to all of my photography assignments. Along with my training as a photographer, I am a professional illustrator. Composition, lighting, background awareness is apparent in my photography. With todays technology, photos can be manipulated to give a final image that is not a fair representation of the subject matter in the enviroment that it was taken. Unless commisioned otherwise, I strive to give you that ideal photo without the requirement to spend a great deal of time remastering the image.

My company, Inkwell Images & Design has been in business for 30 years. In addition to photography services, Inkwell offers web design, hosting services and print brokering.